chasing the soul (novapsyche) wrote in 13_blackbirds,
chasing the soul

Revision assignment: First Week

Well, I've taken things fairly slowly, and I apologize for that. This next week might prove to be a bit intensive. But we have gotten to a very necessary stage, which is being able to pick apart a poem (your own or someone else's). Explication is a skill that improves with use and will certainly enable you to revise more effectively in the future.

todfox asked whether or not redrafts should be done at this stage or if one should wait until the finale of the project. I think it's up to you, the writer. If you are itching to have a rewrite now, after the explication, and would like some community feedback, go ahead and post a draft here. Members should be free to respond with what they see as places for improvement. Or, if you would like to wait until the very end to do one major revision, that is fully your choice.

In fact, if you revise your poem each day and would like feedback, you can post it. But on-the-fly revisions are sometimes not to the poet's advantage. It often behooves one to accept much criticism from all corners and ruminate for a while.

Later today, I will post another nuts-and-bolts entry (I meant to do that yesterday [Saturday], but the day got away from me).
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