Hope (hopeevey) wrote in 13_blackbirds,

This is my first draft in response to All One Sentence. Having worked hard to restrain a tendency to the run-on sentence, it seems an appropriate first exercise to post :). At the moment, it's only 46 lines:
The still, small pool
reflected stars through
rainbow slicks of parking
lot grease, accumulated
as the paltry rainfall
slid across dry pavement
on this first day of
blessed, much-thanked
rain in the long, lingering
drought, the drops
gathered dust and pollen
and all the other
detritus of people arriving
and leaving, gathering in the
low places to catch the light
and grateful notice of
passers by; even children
looked reverently into its
non-existent depths before
splashing both feet then
tromping home with
sodden pants and dripping
shoes, more than willing to pay
in parental opprobrium for
the damp moment of glory
in that most liminal of
places; but even the
eschatological attentions
of a parched child
couldn't stop the work
of gravity, which drew the pool
together again, re-corporating
it from the scattered bubbles,
and stockpiling yet more
of the remains of daily passage
by cars and feet and the
standing of vehicles from
new, hermetically sealed
conveyances of the Executives,
to the battered, oozing work-
horses of the company's
workers; now the puddle
only reflected streetlights,
and stars, across its
petrochemically induced
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